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Advantages of having your own Auto Reply Chatbot

Now that business and consumers are entering an era where every transaction is done online, one of the most important investment a business could make is having their very own automated chat bots. These intelligent software enables businesses to tend to their customers even after business hours through auto reply messages that could cater to their inquiries.

Most of the time, business owners are wary to use auto reply messengers as they think it’s a “one-size fits all” customer service, and would take away the personalization of their customer journey. While this could be true for some instances, there have been innovative and smart chat bot solutions that allows business owners to customize their replies to make it more engaging.

Yezpo Chatbot allows you to add media and ads to your chats, to make chatting with your automated chat bot more appealing to your customers. It’s also compatible to your website, or even Facebook pages, making your business available and accessible 24/7.

Aside from this, having your own chat bot gives your business more advantages – ranging from better customer service, to getting a lot more workload out of hands. Let’s look at the many advantages you can enjoy in having your own 24/7 auto reply chat bot:

1. Gather insights and feedbacks easily

Automated chat bots also provide you the metrics and statistics of your customers’ feedbacks, concerns, preferences, questions, and more. These data could come in handy when researching about how you can be more effective in terms of marketing your business and products.

Software like Yezpo Chatbot monitors these data easily, giving you all the relevant insights that could help you provide better customer experience. For instance, these metrics can help you see what problems are being brought up the most by your customers, and therefore, you can prioritize in solving it as soon as possible. When your customers see that you’re able to resolve their concerns with ease, they’ll be more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

2. Sell faster

When you’re building a small business, speed and agility is at utmost importance. With that said, having a chat bot that is readily available to answer to your customers’ needs could help in closing successful transactions at a rapid pace. When their inquiries are answered instantly, it could result to them into making their purchasing decision promptly as well.

Additionally, you can utilize your chat bot to market new products and send mass updates to your customers with ease. By doing this, you’re personally promoting by directly sending messages to your customers.

3. Save money

In the long run, having your own automated chat bot saves more money than having recurring expenses in maintaining a customer support team. We all know that building a small business may limit your work force, making it more practical to invest in this software to be cost-effective.

The chat bot itself can answer all your consumers’ simple queries, and could reduce the time spent on manually trying to solve these problems. Although, it’s important to note that as you customize your chat bot, you’d have to spend time researching and curating answers to possible inquires or questions beforehand. More so, as your business grows, you would also have to spend time and effort in updating these FAQs along the way.

4. Improve customer satisfaction

Ultimately, having your own automated chat bot does not only provide speed in instantly replying to your customers, but it also help shape the opinions of your customers about your business. The consistency of your chat bot maintains a professional conversation with customers, and would result to a satisfactory experience.

Your chat bot abides by the rules you set for it. Meaning, you still have control over what happens in the conversation; ensuring that your customers are able to find the answers that they’re looking for to drive better outcomes.

However, it’s also important to note some if its disadvantages, namely lacking emotions in terms of the replies, difficulty to create, and it’s limitations in terms of handling case-basis problems. But it all boils down to your ability to find the right automated chat bot that is engaging, easy-to-understand, and easy to maintain.

Software like Yezpo Chatbot enables you to do all of this. Along with Auto Reply Messages, Yezpo Chatbot ensures a smart AI bot that not only would cater to your customers need through appealing and personalized replies, but also manage the statistics of your queries in just a few clicks. Not to mention, it’s also very easy to integrate to your website if you’re looking for an easy and manageable software.

While it’s true that auto reply messengers cannot always answer higher-level questions, it still provides a greater help by solving simple questions, and trying to answer case-basis inquiries before notifying you to provide a manual solution. While you wouldn’t be able to rely solely on your chat bot to handle every customer problem, they are able to filter those that need deeper investigation.

Overall, being able to take a few things off your hand is a big help, especially for growing businesses. With chat bots like Yezpo Chatbot, you have to worry less about manually catching up with your customer inquiries, and focusing on making your products and services better for their experience.

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