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How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Cloud

Updated: May 12, 2021

Although almost everyone uses some form of cloud application, either for email, social media, or shopping, most small businesses are still unsure how they can effectively leverage the cloud and take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Here, we hope to help you understand how the cloud can help your business.

Advantage of Cloud for Small Businesses

What is the cloud?

The cloud basically refers to a service that we run off the internet, rather than on our personal computers or local servers. In the past, if a company needed their own business email, for example, they would have to purchase a server which would take 30-45 days to deliver, buy the appropriate software licenses, and have an IT person set up and configure their email. The server would have to be kept in a secure, air-conditioned room and maintained properly.

Every now and then you would have to spend for server and license upgrades. You would have todo the same for your website, and for every new application your business needed. We have well moved into the age of cloud computing. These days, getting work email or a video conferencing solution is as simple as signing up online and paying with a credit card. It can be done in minutes. Data storage no longer requires you to buy physical hard drives or storage media; all you need is to sign up for cloud storage. Business applications – from accounting to payroll, inventory management, e-commerce and full-blown enterprise resource management applications – are available as subscriptions from many reputable companies.

How can small businesses benefit from the cloud?

Get an IT Expert

Get IT running even if you’re not a technical person. Find the service you need and sign up. It’s as easy as that. You won’t need trained personnel to maintain hardware as the cloud service provider does most of the heavy lifting depending on the solutions that you will be getting. Setup typically takes minutes.

Manage your costs

Manage your costs. As a small business, you’re probably keeping a close watch on your expenses. Cloud services let you avoid the upfront, capital expenses associated with IT hardware and software, and instead enjoy the flexibility of a subscription-based or pay for-what-you-use model, similar to paying for your phone or electricity bills.

Access the latest and greatest, all the time

Access the latest and greatest, all the time. Cloud service providers take care of the upkeep of their own data centers and updates to their solutions. All of these happen behind the scenes, so as a customer, you automatically get access tot he latest versions of an application, and get to use the latest hardware, without having to worry about paying for upgrades.

Mobility and business continuity

Mobility and business continuity. Provided there is internet connectivity, cloud-based services can be accessed virtually anywhere and using any device. It allows your employees to work from anywhere, to process and approve transactions, and manage IT resources without having to physically be at the office.

The cloud is here to make running and growing your business easier, especially now that everything has gone digital. Get started today by exploring the cloud services featured on Negosyonline or exploring do-it-yourself cloud solutions from Amazon Web Services.

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