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Maintaining a healthy and productive (virtual) work environment

The new work-from-home set up has brought down the boundaries of most employees’ work-life balance. Now, most companies expect them to work past office hours, just because they couldn’t use the excuse of commuting and having to get home early. What employers fail to see is that, aside from having the mundane life already being a distraction, they also suffer from the anxiety brought by this pandemic, which can heavily affect their work habits.

In fact, in a recent study by the Becker Friedman Institute, it was found that although the number of employees that work past working hours have increased by 30%, their average output did not increase nor decrease compared to working on site. Given that their working hours amplified, you could have expected a growth in the workload being accomplished, rather, the authors, in relation with this data, claims that productivity has dropped nearly to 20%.

With that said, how can businesses truly survive in this type of set-up without compromising the health and productivity of their employees?

Stay within business hours

Dana Udall, Chief Clinical Officer of Ginger, an on-demand mental health company, stated that most employees who come for advice often say that, “[Productivity at home] is hard to turn off,” and while most companies take the effort to ensure that no one goes beyond their working hours, sometimes it’s employees that have a hard time creating these limitations.

As much as possible, it would be best to set boundaries between your employees’ working and personal time. Now that they are forced to bring their work to home, it’s normal for them to feel a displacement, or maybe even a bit lost with their personal and work life mixing. Much more, the difference between a home and work environment can heavily affect their focus, and ultimately, can take a toll on their health.

Luckily, there are various solutions that help employers track, not only their employees’ productivity, but as well as their health. Solutions such as Abizo MARK Timekeeping App offers built in thermal scanners that allows employers to check up on their employees from the comfort of their own homes. Much more, Abizo MARK also offers a digitalized version of DTI and DOLE’s health forms, which could help in ensuring the safety of all workers.

Define key performance indicators (KPIs)

Whether you’re a small company with only a couple of employees, or a large enterprise handling a big group of workers, one of the problems you may be facing in the WFH set-up is tracking every person, or team’s performance. For a small company, you might have someone that tracks your social media metrics, and another for sales, or if you are a team leader for a marketing team, some might be handling SEOs, while some create blogs.

In simpler terms, there are just too many variations of tasks, which makes it impossible to establish a one-size-fits-all method of tracking. That’s why it’s highly recommended that team managers, or small business owners implement different KPIs per a person’s task. Say, you have a copywriter, it would be best to track through the number of words or pages they do within working hours. Or you can also track the number of emails sent by your SEO manager, or track the burndowns of your Software Developer.

By establishing a quantitative goal, it’s much easier to see whether you are achieving these goals and that productivity peaks during your business hours. Listing down KPIs doesn’t only help in achieving more work agenda, but it can also help motivate your employees to finish their workload if they know they have an objective to reach.

Check in with employees regularly

Aligned with what mentioned, employers can use these applications as a reminder for employees to be conscious of the time they’re putting into their work, in order to have ample time to rest.

It’s important to regularly check up on your employees even in a work-from-home set up, and most especially in a time wherein we face health crises. When you’re constantly updated with their activities and health status, you can immediately provide help should it be in need, or better yet, propose a protocol that could prevent any of these health risks to occur.

In having a tracking application, you don’t have to manually reach out to your employees, instead it provides you an update on their health, as well as accomplishments for the day. Once you find that there are some worrying results in their health forms and that it results to a lack in their performance, you can quickly act upon it and personally make a move to know if there is support needed.

Track their activities

Now that everyone is far away from each other and can only ever catch up through video call meetings and occasional emails, it’s hard to keep track of your employees’ activities and accomplishments daily. Unlike on-site, wherein they’re just a few tables away, sending and waiting for an email could take hours, and scheduling a call would just disrupt productivity even more.

Most companies utilize synched documents wherein employees can jot down their work and provide timestamps, although most, if not all the time, these are not accurate. With Abizo MARK, you can track your employees’ activities in just a few taps, and even with integrated GPS locations and accurate time stamps. This would help you find out whether employees are using their hours efficiently, or if they are going beyond working time. For short: it’s a productivity tool and timekeeping software all in one.

Ensuring that your employees are maintaining a healthy work habit is the most important aspect of retaining productivity within your business. If your employees are always burnt out from working way past their normal hours, it would only lead to exhaustion and would eventually affect their output. If you’re worrying about the workload piling up during off-hours, you can invest in customer service chatbots that are available to tend to your customers 24/7. Or, you can always take help from integrated software that are built to accomplish some of your work for you.

Much more, applications like Abizo MARK Timekeeping App makes tracking the health and productivity of your employees more accessible. Since you can download the application on your mobile phone, you are always updated with your employees’ activities wherever and in real-time! If you’re interested in having access to these features, you can inquire about Abizo MARK through this link. Or if you want to try it out first before investing, you can do so by sending them a message.

To survive in the new normal, it’s important to take care of your employees, and what’s a better way to do that than by checking in on them constantly, and making sure that they are comfortably achieving goals and are able to maximize their skills, even though they are miles away. Most enterprises, especially large corporations, forget that these employees are the backbone of their successes. That’s why, if you’re a small business owner, make sure to remind yourself to keep a tight and healthy relationship with your employees to not only strengthen their work ethic, but to motivate them to continue their loyalty to your growing business.

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