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5 Ways to Level up Your Small Business

Updated: May 12, 2021

Level up your small business

Health protocols enforced at the outbreak of Covid-19 forced family members to stay at home and, for others, to work remotely. The mobility restrictions created enormous opportunities for online businesses selling food, apparel, IT devices, and a host of other goods and services. The rise of instant entrepreneurs who tested the waters had since then evolved into many serious endeavors. Successful new entrepreneurs turned their hobbies into profitable ventures by using technology to their advantage. Below are five tips to bring your home-based business to a new level:

Know your business

Knowing your business goes beyond just having passion and skill. With many others now wanting to join the online selling bandwagon, chances are many will also fall by the wayside, failing to compete in the growing competition. Suppose you will turn your business venture into something more rewarding that will bring you beyond just being a personal hobby. In that case, you will need to know your product, customers, and the competitive environment. In other words, you will need a strategic business plan.

Sample Business Strategy

Set up a website

Brick-and-mortar stores have difficulty attracting new customers under present circumstances. Our world has rapidly gone digital. Thanks to the vast ownership of smartphones, at least in urbanized settings, a well-crafted website that attractively highlights your product or service features is a tried and tested way to draw attention and demand for your product or services.

How to start? Subscribe to EasyBuilder, with website-building and hosting services to help anyone – even with zero web development skills – to create and manage your own website.

Here's how to have a fully functional website in five easy steps:

EasyBuilder Website Setup

Set-up your e-commerce platform

Having an e-commerce platform will allow you to manage, market, and sell your product and services via popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Shopee. As you will want to stand out above the social media marketplace's noise, you will need to provide high-quality photos with clear and concise descriptions. First impressions do count.

Consider also adding customer reviews by using personal or syndicated reviews on your offerings.

When you’re ready to venture into e-commerce, EasyBuilder can still support your business. It integrates social media, generates an e-shop and lets you set up payments. With 42 languages available, you can even showcase your business globally.

EasyBuilder is also optimized for mobile, as well as across all devices. 

Post, promote, engage...enough said.

Customer engagement is essential to keep customers aware of your product or service. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and similar platforms are all ways to promote your product or services to various audiences.

Make sure that the content of your social media pages is professional and eye-catching. Ensure that all essential information is there. Respond to customer.

Social Media Post Dos and Don'ts
Social Media Post Dos and Don'ts

Automate your daily operations

Lastly, look for ways to automate processes. Automation will create efficiencies and allow you more time and freedom. This will not only make managing your business easier but also give you more time and space.

Solutions like imonggo, for example, can help manage and monitor your inventory. imonggo is a complete and hassle-free POS (point-of-sale) meant for online small businesses. Its inventory feature automatically maintains inventory, creates product lists, and sorts them by category (e.g., product name, price, description). imonggo also provides a quick review of inventory's cost, stock on hand, and out of stock count.

You can even monitor inventory while on-the-go through the iMonggo mobile app.

imonggo Mobile App

Starting a business in and of itself is an accomplishment, but maintaining and growing a business requires more dedication and commitment. To take your online business to the next level, plan, know your purpose, and use the right tools and technology to ensure your business's smooth sailing. 

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