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Ways to sell your products faster

Wouldn’t it be great if there was actually a 100% foolproof way to sell your products? Of course, this is every business’ dream. Unfortunately, we can only ever experiment and do extensive research on how we can sell more effectively, yet even then; we could not expect it to work all the time.

It would take all of your time, focus, and effort to make sure that customers are continually engaging in your business, and for small business owners, juggling everything all at once – ranging from business operations to managing sales – would be difficult to do. That’s why there are solutions like imonggo e-commerce and imonggo store that serves as a helping hand, so that small business owners can focus on selling more, and selling faster.

imonggo by iRipple is a complete and easy-to-use Point-of-Sale (POS) solution for small businesses, which offers online selling components for its users. To understand this completely, imagine your own ecommerce store all for yourself, with complete components such as automatic invoicing and sales reports, order management, customer loyalty features, and many more.

But, how does that exactly make selling easier and faster? Here are some quick and easy-to-understand ways on how imonggo transforms your business:

Have an automated inventory

Imagine this: it’s past business hours, and you just finished posting your products online and tending to some customers. You think to yourself, “Finally, I can have a little rest.” Then, you realize you have to update your inventory, stocks, sales, and send out confirmation emails. Suddenly, business hours turn into days.

With imonggo, instead of having update your product inventory manually, imonggo automatically counts and updates your inventory for you. Once you integrate your ecommerce store with imonggo’s easy-to-use Point of Sale (POS) solution, it would automatically generate your invoicing and sales reports in real time.

Imagine how much time that would save you compared to having to manually input products into your inventory or compute your sales, when you can easily leave it running in the background while you focus on your customers.

Offer points and discounts

Without a doubt, customers love discount vouchers and in-store coins for all the obvious reasons. imonggo store comes with built-in customer loyalty features that are sure to attract more people to buy from your store. Much more, having your own points feature that is tailored uniquely for your store would then invite consumers to prefer buying from you compared to your competition.

In a market that sells similar products and services by different companies, consumers would then ask themselves, “Why would I buy the same product from this seller, when the other offers it for a discounted price?” This immediately creates a preference, much more, could earn you a loyal customer that would see your ecommerce store as their go-to.

Post daily on your page

To make your business memorable, you should put effort in actively engaging with your audience, whether it is on social media or on your ecommerce website. This would help in keeping you on your market’s feed and could boost your page/website traffic organically.

You could do this by posting “relatable” content on your social media page that would drive your audience to share or repost, giving you the chance to expand your reach. You can also invest in solutions that generate personalized real-time recommendations based on what your customers search for on your store, so that they would be able to find what they need in just one click.

One way or another, most netizens would click on your page out of curiosity, much more, if you target the right market, they might find themselves scrolling through your products and “adding to their cart”.

Actively Engage

One of the problems that businesses face when engaging with their customers is that they couldn’t quite capture a market that feels connected to their brand. This may be caused by the “one-size-fits-all” most businesses, especially large corporations, practice. Small businesses should be conscious in falling for this staggering trap and practice in providing the best and personalized customer experience for all.

Investing in POS solutions that have integrated offers like shipping options, as well as those that allow the input of product specs really do have an impact on the customers’ experience with your store. By providing them options on what service they would prefer, they’d feel as if they are at a convenience. You can also provide them a sense of reassurance by sending them confirmation emails right after their purchase also gives them the sense that they are being tend to.

Of course, these are all time-consuming to do, especially if you are running a small business with few manpower. Luckily, with solutions like imonggo ecommerce and imonggo store, this could be done automatically. Once you integrate imonggo’s web POS, you can choose how it will provide more options to your market, as well as have an automated confirmation email sent to them right after their purchase.

Ultimately, in order to sell your products faster, it’s important to invest in solutions that would make it easier to manage your business operations. In order for small businesses to be more competitive in the digital market, especially now that large corporations have also migrated online, it’s only necessary for small businesses to use this chance to connect deeply with their customers and build meaningful relationships.

Luckily, in our time today wherein technology has become reliable and cost-effective, small businesses have the chance to stand out in a market that was once dominated by industry giants. With a little help from the cloud, small businesses have the chance to survive in the digital platform through rigorous engagement with customers, and making sure that each of their experiences are unique.

More so, if small businesses invest in solutions like imonggo, growing their business would become easier, and all for an affordable price. Users can choose whether they want to try imonggo Free, also known as the Standard subscription which offers one branch, one user, and a 100 active product and 100 transactions limitation per month. However, if you want to go all-in and above these limitations, imonggo offers a Premium subscription wherein all these integrations are unlimited, and with added benefits such as credit card acceptance and a built-in ecommerce site! To know more about their offers, you can find them in their Pricing and FAQs through this link.

Building your own complete online store in their own platform would help your business standout from competition, much more, make you more credible in the eyes of their customers. Truly, by investing in these solutions, small businesses don’t have to worry about managing their store, all the while trying to tend to their customers and sell their products.

Although, it is important to note that success doesn’t come overnight, and it is still through hard work and relentless effort would small businesses grow, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Having a small business would mostly comprise of juggling multiple tasks all at once, but smart solutions would give business owners a bit of ease, and strip away unreasonably expenses. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a solution that could make this process easier and faster, but most importantly, it would only take a few clicks to receive a helping hand.

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